Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe creative cloud is the only software that I use for photo and video editing.  Unfortunately Premier Pro doesn't run very well on my old laptop.  I need to upgrade to a 4k machine soon.  Let me break down what program I use for different aspects of my photo editing process.  


Lightroom is just as it sounds.  I use Lightroom for my initial import of images.  The classic version was so good at key wording.  I am still trying to figure out this new version that was recently released.  I think it is only fair with any big change to spend some time with it and see how the new features work before I get into that version.  I absolutely love the sync feature in Lightroom Classic.  I shoot a lot of night scenes and use if for a basic color temperature correction usually along with camera lens adjustments before I export a stack of images to Photoshop for my usual night edit procedure.  Lightroom has been a huge time saver for that very reason.  I can easily apply a simple correction to a lot of images in just a couple of clicks.  From what I have seen so far they need to work the bugs out of that in their new version of Lightroom CC.  It could be me, but I have tried to copy corrections and apply them to other images.  They have not come anywhere near as accurate and consistent as Lightroom Classic was.  Hey software that works flawless in the first month or two of release is unheard of.  So I can't beat adobe up to bad over that one.  It has been my experience and preference that Lightroom is meant for subtle lighting, color, and lens corrections.  


Photoshop has been my workhorse for diving deep into editing.  I also prefer to disable Lightroom's automatic sharpening and use a high pass filter for all of my sharpening in Photoshop.  The high pass filter option just leaves me so much control over getting the perfect subtle sharpening that I look for in my images.  Luminosity masks are a creators best friend.  Photoshop's ability to create luminosity masks and select color ranges just makes it a powerful beast when it comes to serious editing.  I have selected intricate designs for a mask with only a couple of clicks.  Lightroom has never come close to that power.  When it comes to editing being subtle is key to creating a good image.  The ability to work with layers, blend modes, and opacity of layers just gives you endless opportunity to create whatever your heart desires.  

Creative Cloud Membership

These two programs are available in Adobe's Photography package.  It starts around $9.99 a month for this package.  Well worth the subscription.  All the updates are automatic and you never have to worry about going out to buy the next version.  Your just making that small monthly payment towards the next version each month.  I will say that I wish they had an in between package.  The next step up includes well everything.  I think they intentionally placed Premiere Pro in that package to get the extra money out of you.  Photographers dabble in video.  Even if some of us are not great at it we want to play around with it.  This would be my only complaint against adobe.  No one ever accused them of not being business savvy.