Wacom Tablet Review

A Wacom Tablet is one piece of equipment that I am on the fence about.  I have been using mine for over a year now.  I have to say I am not sure if I would recommend this one.  Here is why. 

          Before I trash any product let me throw out some of the things I like about this item.  It is very handy having the ability to draw on my images for layer masks and other things.  I also like the quick functionality that you have by moving the size ring for your brush.  It is pretty reliable.  I have never had any crazy malfunctions with mine.  You can customize some of the buttons along the side for shortcuts that matter to you.  


  • Convenient to have the ability to bring back a stroke of a pen to a digital world.  I have found this to be very useful for tough jobs.  Detail isn't as scary when your using a pen instead of a mouse.  

  • I like the flexibility to customize your button layout to even open your Photoshop or Lightroom.  

  • It is thin and small.  I have never ran into issues trying to make it fit in my laptop bag or my camera bag.  


  • Maybe it is just me, but It has taken me a really long time to get use to the buttons and extra features.  They are easy to customize and setup, but I haven't masted all the functionality of the tablet yet.  I think it is a little disappointing for me.  This is even with the handy feature of flashing the touch button on the screed to remind you what each one does.   
  • The price has to be a little disappointing here.  My personal recommendation is to see if you can't get this one on a Black Friday deal or some other big sale.  


  • The pressure sensitivity does come in handy for my once in a while.  I am not sure though how much this feature really means to my wallet though.  

              I think that for people that are more into drawing and digital art would have to have this product.  Photographers might enjoy this product.  Personally I am not against this purchase I made.  I am not big on saying that this is a must have tool though either.  I will say that this is a tool that you can live without as a photographer until you get a few other pieces of gear.  

Here is a video review of the one of their best tablets in 2017.  I do disagree slightly with the pressure sensitivity in this video.  There are ways around the pressure sensitivity.  Flow and opacity are a good start. 

Below is a link to the tablet that I own.