ColorMunki Review

The ColorMunki display tool is a must have for any photographer.  There is nothing worse than sending an image to print and getting a print that looks nothing like what you saw on your screen.  

              This tool is extremely easy to setup and use.  It will also monitor ambient lighting changes and adjust your screen accordingly.  When I send my images off to the lab, they come back looking exactly like they did on my screen.  I can't emphasize enough how much money this nifty tool has saved me in the long run.  

              Regardless of the gear you shoot with, this will be a basic essential item for anyone that is doing any kind of photo editing.  If you want to be taken seriously, don't embarrass yourself with an image that looks a bit off on color when it goes to print.  This tool combined with a color checker passport is the best investment a photographer can make. 


  • It's simple to run with a step by step tutorial during setup

  • It is always dead on when it comes to color profiles in my experience. 

  • Takes the guess work out of printing. 

  • Size is small enough to fit into any laptop case or camera bag.   


  • Getting it to sit flat on your screen can be a bit tricky

  • There is a large flat weight that is meant to hold it in place during calibration.  It doesn't work the best for all screens.  It is a small problem though since it is a necessity for keeping your images exactly as they appear on your screen. 

         Here is a link for the ColorMunki by itself or the combination of ColorMunki with Color Checker Passport.  I highly recommend the combo deal.  The passport review is up next and it does save you some guesswork in the editing process.  

Are you looking to see more reviews or purchase one of these for yourself?  Well here are a couple of links to Amazon.