Canon EF 100-400MM F/4.5-5.6L IS II USM review

        My best Canon Lenses are really hard to beat for the price.  Let's take a look at what these lenses have done for me. First up on the review.  

EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM


              This lens is by far my favorite lens to date.  Every other lens I own with the exception of one has taken a back seat.  Set the aperture on this lens to around F8 and watch out!  I have taken some amazing shots of aircraft flying by, aircraft landing, wildlife, and even landscapes with this piece of glass.  I will be honest though here are the pros and cons of this investment.  


  • It's Sharp! (When used correctly) 
  • The zoom aspect has offered me more freedom to capture moving targets
  • Image stabilization works very well (Make sure you follow basic rules for shutter speeds)
  • That reach is just plain sweet.  I have shot rodeo events and It is nice to be able to get tightly cropped images of bulls out of the chute.  Did I mention that is without getting in the way of those horns? 


  • I highly recommend the extra care package that canon offers.  I am sure it was only my luck.  The lens has been through a lot with me.  I have been using mine for just over a year now.  I have dust accumulating on the inside of the lens.  I suspect that I have a bad seal, but it is past warranty by about a month.  I haven't been able to ship it back to canon for repair yet.  I will note the cost of repair when I raise enough cash to send it back.  When you are down your go to lens as a photographer it hurts.  
  • Not for your indoor shooters.  Let's face it you will not need to have a 100-400 range lens for a birthday party or family gathering in a home.  It's not really the lens' fault at this point.  I am simply stating that you don't want it for that type of photography.  Now the backyard is another story.  

          Now those cons might look bad.  I am being completely honest though.  I felt like the cons needed a little explanation since it has been my big hitter to keep attached to one camera at all times.   The fact that it would not fit in my camera bag didn't make the cons since I have never tried to put the lens in my bag.  It stays attached to one of my cameras at all times.  Well it has been moved to the case it shipped with now since it is in need of repair.  I still rate this lens as a must for any photographer.  Take a look at my prints for sale to see some of the action images.   

I found this video on YouTube that does a good job at reviewing this lens.