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About Jason Olstad

               I am a 32-year-old USAF veteran.  I started taking photos while I lived in Canada.  I was traveling around three of the most beautiful parks in the world.  Banff, Jasper, and Kananaskis made me fall in love with that area.  Those parks inspired me to capture the beauty of my hikes for years to come.  Like any photographer, I had a lot of learning to do. 

              I began upgrading equipment for better results.  With little improvement I continued to study everything I noticed wrong with my images.  I thought they were better, but I still sought more critique.  I found that critique through stock agencies, and let me tell you.  The let me have it.  I was beat down for a while, but I never gave up.  I continued to study rejection reasons and technical issues.  I started seeing big results.  I started getting enough knowledge and repetition in different environments to be able to just take images without thinking much about settings.  

             I have studied long exposures, night photography, action shots, landscapes, portrait, and a bit about people in general for over 10 years now.  Last year I made a decision to continue taking my photography to another level.  I opened my own business as I was separating from the military.  It was a terrifying step.  It has morphed my photography yet again.  Studying social reactions to images online has been very interesting.  I have started to apply techniques and compositions that seem to get better results in social media environments.  Whether you are shooting people or landscapes there is still a social aspect to those images.

             I will continue to compete with the best and continue to share my success with others.      

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
- Ansel Adams